Erosion Control & Re-Vegetation

EarthGuard Fiber Matrix

EarthGuard Fiber Matrix (FM) is a patented technology, which combines EarthGuard and fiber to form a fiber reinforced matrix that provides extended erosion cont..


EarthGuard EDGE™

Introducing EarthGuard EDGE™, a pellet form of the popular erosion-control product, EarthGuard Fiber Matrix. The new EDGE formula allows users to appl..

Vertex Fiber Reinforced Matrix

Vertex Fiber Reinforced Matrix single bag package of blended fibers and bonding ingredients is easy to handle, mix and apply. Convenient one-ton pallets red..


EarthGuard FUSION

EarthGuard FUSION is among the new classification of products known as Hydraulic Growth Medium & Mulch (HGM²). Fuses erosion-control with the agricultural b..

EarthGuard ORGANIX

EarthGuard ORGANIX is a high-quality topsoil replacement product classified as a Hydraulic Growth Medium (HGM). Boost the benefits of ORGANIX by adding Terra No..

EarthGuard ELIXIR

EarthGuard ELIXIR is part of Terra Novo’s soil-building product line. It provides organically derived fertilizers, trace elements, growth stimulaters and ..



Designed for soil stabilization in agricultural production, SoilMAX is used for growing crops with less water and easy compliance with the Clean Water Act. Soil..


Product information coming soon... ..

AquaGuard Flume Water Clarification

Flume Water Terra Novo, Inc. offers a hands on approach for clarification of flume water or water used to rinse root vegetables. Our products are manufactu..

Stormwater Clarification


Terra Novo’s Floccin product line cost-effectively removes contaminants from water. Available in snakes or bags, Floccin is designed to work in all types ..

EarthBound Floc Rolls & Floc Tabs

EarthBound® Floc Rolls and Floc Tabs are manufactured with a blend of polyacrylamides that are designed for water clarification & sediment control. Floc..


AquaGuard Site-Specific Water Clarification Technology is a cost effective BMP for use in cleaning up ponds, dewatering projects, and reclamation of waters wher..

Dust Control


Dust Suppression Without Limits Soil particles owe their stability in part to the presence of naturally occurring polymeric materials which bind to the soil..

DustControl DG

Reliable Fugitive Dust Control DustControl DG is an acrylic co-polymer emulsion with added cohesive agents. Designed as a premium eco-friendly soil binder, ..

Hydraulic Mulch & Tackifiers

UltraTack Tackifier

UltraTack is a tackifier and bonding agent used for hydro-seeding applications and straw tacking and is packaged in 15 lb pails More cost effective than Plan..

EarthBound Tackifier

EarthBound Saves You Money Low-application rates result in reduced shipping, warehousing and installation costs. Controls turbidity, which reduces complian..

Wood Fiber Mulch

Produced exclusively from virgin hardwood chips – the finest, most contaminant-free fibers available today. Terra Novo Wood Fiber Mulch offers excell..

Wood Fiber Mulch Plus Tackifier

Produced exclusively from virgin hardwood chips and includes tackifier in a "ready to use" bag. Terra Novo Wood Fiber Mulch plus tackifier offers excellent..

Straw Mulch

Product information coming soon... ..

Paper Fiber Mulch

Produced exclusively high quality 100% post-consumer recycled cellulose fiber that is non-toxic, 100% biodegradable and contaminant-free. Terra Novo Paper..

Paper Fiber Mulch + Tackifier

Produced exclusively high quality 100% post-consumer recycled cellulose fiber that is non-toxic, 100% biodegradable and contaminant-free and includes tackifier ..