EarthBound Floc Rolls & Floc Tabs

EarthBound® Floc Rolls and Floc Tabs are manufactured with a blend of polyacrylamides that are designed for water clarification & sediment control. Floc Rolls and Floc Tabs flocculate sediment being transported by storm, agricultural or effluent water, significantly reducing turbidity and pollutant loading.

Primary Applications:

  • Control Turbidity in Effluent Water
  • Remove Sediment and Pollutants from Stormwater
  • Improve Settling Rates in Sediment Ponds
  • Remove Sediment and Soil Amendments from Agricultural Waters 

Features and Benefits: 

  • Helps Keep Your Site in Compliance
  • Removes Suspended Sediment from Water, Controlling Turbidity
  • Eliminate Suspended Pollutants from Water
  • Prevents Sediment from Clogging Inlet Devices and Entering Stormdrains
  • Avoid Downstream Sediment Transport to Rivers and Streams

Specifications/Compliance Information:

  • ANSI/NSF Standard 60 Drinking Water Treatment Chemical Additives
  • 48 Hr. or 96 Hr. Acute Toxicity Tests (D.Magna or 0.Mykiss)
  • 7-Day Chronic Toxicity Tests (P.Promelas or C.Dubia)

Technical Information Appearance: 

  • Semi-Solid, Rubbery Log or Round Tablets 
  • Moisture %: Approximately 50% 
  • pH of 0.5% Solution: 6-8 
  • Shelf Life: up to 5 Years