EarthBound Tackifier

EarthBound Saves You Money

  • Low-application rates result in reduced shipping, warehousing and installation costs.
  • Controls turbidity, which reduces compliance, maintenance and sediment clean-up costs.

EarthBound Provides Superior Performance and Unique Soil Stabilization Abilities

  • Prevents Soil Structure Degradation 
  • Maintains Soil Infiltration Capacity and Pore Space Voids for Microbial Activity
  • Flocculates Dislodged Sediment, Reducing Erosion by 57-85% 

EarthBound Hydroseeding Applications

  • Low Application Rates of 3-5 lb/ac Compared to Typical Plantago and Guar Application Rates of 100-150 lb/ac 
  • Goes into Solution Effortlessly Resulting in a Consistent and Uniform Slurry
  • Does not Fish-Eye when being Mixed
  • When Sprayed, Fans Out Resulting in Uniform Application and Coverage
  • Immediately Bonds to Soil During Application Resulting in Less Slumping
  EarthBound® D - Dry: (lb/ac) 
 EarthBound® L - Liquid: (gal/ac)