EarthGuard EDGE™

Introducing EarthGuard EDGE™, a pellet form of the popular erosion-control product, EarthGuard Fiber Matrix.

The new EDGE formula allows users to apply the product without water by hand, mechanically, or air-drop. It’s ideal for use in remote areas with limited water and for smaller jobs where hydromulching is cost-prohibitive.


Much more for much less.

“EarthGuard products work on the soil directly, offering users much more for much less... Competitors’ products need to cover 100% of surface area in order to work. EarthGuard EDGE covers more area in a shorter window of time and spreads naturally to untreated areas, so you spend significantly less on both the product and the labor to apply it. Like other Terra Novo products, EDGE is a user-friendly product designed with the installer in mind and is formulated to work to our customers’ highest standards while delivering enormous product and labor savings.”

Scott Harrison, President of Terra Novo

Who should use EarthGuard EDGE

Farmers, land and home developers, oil and gas companies, forest services and departments of transportation. EarthGuard has completed successful projects for well-known brands including the Federal Highway Administration, Chevron, Shell, Exxon Mobil, First Solar, the U.S. Forest Service and many well-known home builders.

Product Sheet