EarthGuard ELIXIR

EarthGuard ELIXIR is part of Terra Novo’s soil-building product line. It provides organically derived fertilizers, trace elements, growth stimulaters and microorganisms that are essential to resolve soil deficiencies in order to sustain long-term vegetation.

Increase the benefits of ELIXIR by using it with EarthGuard ORGANIX, Terra Novo’s popular topsoil replacement. ORGANIX is the fastest and most economical way of achieving rapidly developing and sustainable topsoil.

A fully-organic product, EarthGuard ELIXIR provides all of the necessary nutrients needed to maximize plant growth, and helps to replace nutrients lost in situations including:

  • Equipment compaction
  • Land tilling
  • Topsoil removal
  • Overuse of chemical controls 

EarthGuard ELIXIR is a highly effective product that maximizes vegetation and invigorates root systems.

  • Includes micronutrients that support soil growth.
  • Stimulates biological activity and adds biodiversity.
  • Increases root and plant development, water retention and seed germination. 

Effective For:

  • Oil and gas sites
  • Post fire reclamation
  • Soil reclamation
  • Re-vegetation
  • Landfill closures 

Product Sheet