EarthGuard FUSION

EarthGuard FUSION is among the new classification of products known as Hydraulic Growth Medium & Mulch (HGM²).

Fuses erosion-control with the agricultural benefits of fertilizers and growth stimulants that make it ideal for any re-vegetation application.

EarthGuard FUSION combines the proven erosion control capabilities of EarthGuard Fiber Matrix into a single package with the topsoil replacement of EarthGuard ORGANIX and the soil remedies of EarthGuard ELIXIR, (fertilizers, nutrients and growth stimulants). FUSION is a fix-it-all for poor soil conditions and helps with many situations like the following:

  • Top soil needed for replacement;
  • Issues with poor climate and topsoil;
  • The need for advanced erosion control
  • Where quick but sustainable plant establishment is desired

EarthGuard FUSION is the most cost-effective solution for reclamation work.

  • Use anywhere having difficulty with re-vegetation.
  • Provides a long-term sustainable solution.
  • Use any place where growing vegetation is extremely difficult because of erosion, poor soils, poor plant growth environment, no organic matter.

Effective For:

  • Oil and gas projects
  • Pipeline restoration
  • Post fire reclamation
  • Soil reclamation
  • Re-vegetation
  • Landfill closures
  • Golf course construction
  • Mine reclamation

Product Sheet

EarthGuard Fusion Specification by Terra Novo EarthGuard Fusion Specification by Terra Novo