EarthGuard ORGANIX

EarthGuard ORGANIX is a high-quality topsoil replacement product classified as a Hydraulic Growth Medium (HGM).

Boost the benefits of ORGANIX by adding Terra Novo’s line of fertilizer and growth stimulants, EarthGuard ELIXIR. ELIXIR stimulates biological activity and biodiversity, providing necessary nutrients to maximize plant-growth.

As one of Terra Novo’s top soil-building products, ORGANIX offers a variety of benefits to contractors, including:

  • Reduced labor and equipment costs.
  • Increased vegetation establishment with long-term sustainability.
  • More efficient application and faster project completion. 

ORGANIX is the fastest, most economical way to achieve rapidly developing and sustainable top soil.

  • Eliminates the high costs of hauling topsoil to a site
  • Offers smaller contractors the opportunity to work on larger jobs that typically require more equipment 

Effective For:

  • Establishing plant growth when there is no topsoil
  • Developing an effective, durable soil system

Product Sheet

EarthGuard Organix Specification by Terra Novo EarthGuard Organix Specification by Terra Novo