Designed for soil stabilization in agricultural production, SoilMAX is used for growing crops with less water and easy compliance with the Clean Water Act. SoilMax performs the following:

  • Keeps soil soft and conditioned
  • Stops the formation of a crust
  • Reduces the amount of water needed for irrigation
  • Stops field erosion
  • Keeps pesticides, fertilizers and nutrients from running off
  • Stabilizes farm, turf and nursery soil structures
  • Boosts profits by increasing water infiltration
  • Keeps the soil soft, resulting in reduced labor and equipment costs typically required for ground preparation
  • Substantially reduces time and labor spent on disc or field ripping
  • Increases yields & decreases amount of dirt sticking to root crops during harvest

Effective For:

  • Soil stabilization
  • Soil conditioning
  • Crop growth
  • Saving water consumption

Because it works directly on the soil, SoilMAX reduces costs and maintains aggregate stability and porosity so that water and nutrients go directly to the root zone rather than running off.

SoilMAX products launched in 1998 and have recently exploded in popularity as a result of increased regulatory requirements, including mandatory reduction of irrigation water and the monitoring of chemicals in field runoff. Terra Novo currently provides four different additives:

SoilMAX, SoilMAX Plus, SoilMAX Liquid and SoilMAX Plus Liquid.

SoilMAX and SoilMAX Plus can be worked into the soil before the first irrigation, while SoilMAX Liquid and SoilMAX Plus Liquid are ideal for use in sprinklers and low-flow irrigation systems.

Also consider Agriflo, which can be easily mixed with fertilizers, sprayed directly on seed beds or applied during irrigation to prevent crusting and improve germination.

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