Vertex Fiber Reinforced Matrix

Vertex Fiber Reinforced Matrix single bag package of blended fibers and bonding ingredients is easy to handle, mix and apply. Convenient one-ton pallets reduce warehouse space and allows for more product to be transported to job-site. 

Reduces Soil Erosion

Vertex anchors itself to the soil surface, bonds the fiber together and cures to a flexible medium, providing a "sprayed-on-mat", providing stability even on the steepest slopes.

One-Step Erosion Control

Vertex provides a natural environment that allows seed to germinate quickly, even in arid climates. Seed and fertilizer may be added to the slurry for true "One-Step Erosion Control." Vertex unique blend of our premium virgin wood fiber and bonded elements is non-toxic and biodegradable.


Applied with common hydro-seeding equipment, mixing Vertex is easy.

  • Combine water with Vertex.
  • Add seed and fertilizer as desired.
  • Apply from a tower or through a convenient hose reel system.

Drying Time

Drying time will depend on site and climate conditions. Temperature, humidity and wind conditions will influence the actual drying time. When Vertex comes in contact with the soil, the moisture and bonding agents contained in the slurry are absorbed, bonding it to the contour of the surface.


Vertex will appear bright green during application. The color will gradually fade during as its cures.


Vertex is mixed and applied with a standard mechanical agitated hydro-seeding machine.

Product Sheet